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Known personally by few, Arkytas exploded into the heavy bass scene supporting heavy hitters like Barely AliveRated RHOL! and MARAUDA to start off 2022 and sharing stages with ATLiensKaruza, and Brondo to finish the year. His blend of dubstep, hardstyle, and trap keeps crowds energized. The DARE EP, Arkytas' first commercial release, dropped in February with a mix of heavy dubstep, metal, and rawstyle tunes. Arkytas took over music operations in EDM for Off World records and helped bring in artists like Actuate, ArayzaNavals, and Ryzin. Arkytas curated Off World's first compilation "Evacuation" by bringing tracks from artists all over the world like The Plague DoctorSapisvrEXTRETCH, and a bunch of talent from Virginia. His high-energy style is showcased in his Blitzkrieg mix series that displays Ark's "all gas, no brakes" motif. Quickly becoming a staple with the east coasts biggest promoter, Steez Promo, Arkytas is taking no prisoners as he makes his name in the scene.

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